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Testing electronic control units (ECU) is a significant but cost-heavy part of successfully developing automated vehicles; and thanks to DEICO HIL simulators, it is possible to profit from a scalable system which enables testing the functionality of ECU in a simulated environment under realistic conditions.

For ECU HIL simulators, DEICO is in cooperation with NI, an American multinational company that is a hardware and software provider since 1976 and also automated test and measurement systems in different industries including aerospace, energy and transportation. Providing third-party model and device integration, and the ability to adapt to unavoidable alterations in requirements, NI hardware and software portfolio is large and capable of maximizing reuse throughout the verification and validation phases of ECU.

Built on NI platform, DEICO ECU HIL simulators ensure that customers could have a test environment to meet their test needs and keep up with changing industry trends. As in the case of BMS HIL simulators, DEICO is also capable of further customizing its ECU HIL simulators by integrating its own hardware and software to NI platform depending on customer requirements.

Electronics Control Unit HIL Simulators