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Battery Management Systems (BMS) HIL simulator is a sophisticated platform capable of providing required input and output signals used for testing BMS algorithms and system operation during the early stages of development. The applications include electric vehicles and energy storage systems. Thanks to a real-time operating system, the BMS HIL simulator executes complex cell and pack models commonly used for BMS development.

For BMS HIL simulators, DEICO is in cooperation with MicroNova, a German company that has been active as a software and system provider that offers products, solutions, and services in areas including automotive electronics. Numerous customers such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Continental rely on MicroNova's expertise. DEICO offers complete integrated testing solutions including HIL simulators, proven software solutions for test automation, and on-site support and extensive consulting services. With its hardware and software portfolio from MicroNova, DEICO fully covers the testing process and supports customers in optimizing their entire testing environment. Built on NovaCarts platform of MicroNova, DEICO is also capable of further customizing its HIL simulators by integrating its own hardware and software depending on customer requirements.

Battery Management Systems