Production Solutions

DEICO has the ability to design and manufacture cabling in accordance with military and industrial standards for demanding systems and high reliability systems and subsystems. Fast high quality solutions are offered for different platforms with work being carried out by an expert team in compliance with IPC standards.

We make our own products to a high standard with our modern facilities, wide range of instruments, hand tools and equipment capabilities. We use our facilities to make quality solutions for our customers' test equipment and electromechanical production needs.

Our test equipment, electronic equipment and cabling production activities are classified as follows:

  • Electromechanical installation
  • Inter-unit interface cabling
  • Test cabling
  • Cables in accordance with environmental requirements EMI / EMC testing requirements
  • Documentation
  • Test

Assembly lines in our production space meet the requirements of anti-static discharge (ESD) in accordance with the applicable industrial and military standards, while our production team periodically receives all the training required by the relevant standards.