DEICO Engineering develops innovative, creative and high quality test systems with experienced and well-equipped personnel. We offer solutions to our clients with a wide range of applications including; automated test stations, test software, test harness and electromechanical test equipment.



DEICO provides services for military with standardized test infrastructures for highly reliable systems and subsystems, with experienced staff in the field of testing and test design. By doing so, we are contributing to the error free operation of the products produced while aiming to ensure that our customers, who adopt the principle of developing reliable and durable products according to the sector, can observe the product behaviors during the process of product quality checking. Flight control and avionics equipment, radar and satellite systems, power units and many other equipment qualification and production tests are provided by our company's test infrastructures.

Consumer Electronics


We provide the necessary infrastructure for the automation and high speed production testing of the products of our customers. They aim to increase product quality and have high volume production capacity. We offer integrated solutions including image processing, robotics and automation to our partners, who make products such as; smartphones and tablets, radios, televisions, infotainment systems, entertainment consoles, wearable health and fitness devices, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, IOT and digital microwave devices. The main aim is to detect mistakes before customers do.



In the process of delivering advanced technology and high density designs to reliable and stable structure under predicted working conditions, DEICO offers special test solutions to increase the product quality for our customers from the automotive sector. In parallel with the developments in the automotive sector, we also provide test solutions for a variety of products, from accumulators to wipers, radios, multimedia systems and other automobile components, as well as electromechanical features that can be integrated into the production line.



DEICO provides food safety by increasing the product quality to be offered to the consumers through the electromagnetic tests that are developed for the agricultural sector. The electromechanical test designs created with high processing power play a critical role in enhancing the efficiency of our customers' infrastructures.



DEICO provides innovative solutions to meet all the requirements of our customers in the functional testing of high precision and accurate designs for use in the medical sector. We offer a close partnership during the process of development of every structure with innovations enabled by the progress of technology to help reach a stable structure.