Weapon Interface Control Unit Test System


A customer operating in the defense industry has encountered a need for an automatic test set for testing the functionality and capacity of units produced to verify weapon interface units designed and produced in different versions, considering needs in the field of remote controlled weapon systems.


In line with its goal to create good quality and reliable hardware DEICO worked on stages from design to production and verification to verify interface units of weapon interfaces produced in different versions with a high intensity system; and presented these to work partners. The automatic test set resulting from this work will be used in the mass production tests of multifunctional weapon interface units that will serve on remote controlled weapon systems. A wide variety of tests are able to be conducted in verifying the weapon interface units from power tests to different communication protocols like CANBus and RS422 within the provided test set. With the special design created for the loading tests the weapon interface units are able to be tested for being able to fulfill the demands of different units in a controlled manner.


With the test infrastructure created, DEICO is able to guarantee that the concerned unit test requirements can be met and provide the necessary software support for operating, reporting and analyzing tests that will be conducted on the unit. The test set that has been created will be able to be used in the long term for mass production tests of the weapon interface units that are produced. One of the test sets produced in three sets is currently with our customer and the others, which are with different producers, are being used for testing in 3 different locations.

Technical content

  • Up to 4 port 1 Mbit/s speed RS232 and RS422/485 series communication infrastructure
  • 2 port CANBus communication capability
  • Measuring points adjustable by user with 60 channel multiplexer modules
  • 750 Watt capacity power source
  • Specially designed loading infrastructure with switches for loading tests
  • 20 channel general purpose switching infrastructure
  • Connection interface for easy access
  • Remote control of all devices with C/C++, C# and NI LabWindows etc.