Slip Ring Qualification Tests


A customer operating in the defense and aviation industry has encountered a need for functional and environmental condition test solutions complaint with the MIL-STD-810 standard to be created and run for qualifying Slip Ring units to be used in land and naval units, for which the customer has completed design and prototype production.

The objective in the scope of the project is to provide the test data and feedback to designers to develop the unit and share the documents requested by our customer with the test reports and data in the specific format.


The qualification plan was done with the engineering required for the objective of creating good quality, reliable hardware. After providing and installing the semi finished product test requirements, test harness, mechanical designs and software designed in house.

Progress was made in the test steps according to the created calendar taking into account the needs for each individual unit. The infrastructure for many tests that required high data entry like contact noise was set up using the advanced technology product of our solution partners, high sensitivity test and measuring devices. NI LabVIEW was used for processing, evaluating and reporting the data that was obtained.

The following tests and sub steps were conducted within the planning;

  • Line resistance tests
  • Contact noise tests
  • Contact noise tests in the frequency region
  • Fiber optic side test and passage loss tests
  • Dielectric resistance and insulator resistance tests
  • Video standard compatibility and CRC tests
  • Ethernet standard compliance tests
  • Maximum power tests
  • RF passage loss
  • BER measurement
  • EMI/EMC tests
  • Military environmental tests
  • Shelf Life Test

DEICO completed the Slip Ring design verification project in in accordance with MIL-STD-810G requirements and standards in cooperation with their solution partner.


The military environment condition standards or the designed unit and the unit requirements were tested by repeating the functional tests deemed necessary and completed successfully. DEICO completed the Slip Ring verification tests in in accordance with MIL-STD-810G requirements and standards in cooperation with their solution partner.