Helicopter Monitoring Unit Test System


A customer operating in the defense industry has come up with a need for a test system comprised of software and hardware to automatically test the sensor-based monitoring unit they have designed in the scope of a national general purpose helicopter program. The customer’s expectation for this monitoring unit that plays an important role in terms of improving the time and cost in maintenance or replacement decisions by constantly monitoring the state and performance of critical units in the national general purpose helicopter program, is a qualification testing unit with the capacity to comprehensively test the functionality of the UUT.


DEICO, which provides reliable solutions in terms of time and cost, has presented the following services to the customer in the scope of a qualification test unit:

  • A test station where there will be various generator, measuring and communication devices
  • A self-test interface connection adaptor that can detect malfunctions on the devices that will be in the automatic test station
  • Cabling that will provide the connection between the self-test interface connection adaptor and the test station
  • Self-test software test program set
  • Cabling that will provide the connection between the test station used in the testing of the monitoring unit and the test station


DEICO, which claims providing quality and reliable services to its customers as its own policy with its experience in the sector and the infrastructure that it possesses, provides the customer with a suitable infrastructure for the tests to be conducted on the units related to the qualification test unit designed and produced by them. Also providing a test option that includes many conveniences by being compact and easily applicable for the unit tests they have designed with simulation cycle boards and accelerometer capability, DEICO has brought the test range to nearly one hundred percent considering the source and capacities they have included in the qualification test unit.

Technical Content

  • 16 channel ARINC429 and 4 channel MIL-1553 avionic communication capability
  • Up to 8 port 12 Mbit/s speed RS422/485 series communication hardware
  • 4 port CANBus communication capability
  • Measuring points adjustable by user with a 40 channel multiplexer module
  • 1600 Watt power source
  • 128 channel general purpose switching infrastructure
  • 32 channel ±30V range digital input/output capability at different levels
  • 16 bit wave producer at 40 MHz band width
  • 100 MHz, 5 GSa/s 4 analogue entry channeled oscilloscope