Digital Board Automated Test System


Our customer has required a test hardware and software necessary to test production of 4 electronic boards used in jet planes. Among the features of the boards are fast communication, digital I/O, FPGA, flash memory, PROM, PLL, ADC, DAC and audio interfaces. In this scope it was decided to have the devices and protocols necessary to meet the requirements of these interfaces in the hardware infrastructure that was to be manufactured. In terms of software needs, it was decided to design 4 board test software and 1 self-test sotware. The self-test software was to be made for verifying the components of the system designed and produced for the hardware. The board software was be made to verify the boards using the designed system. The board software was to be comprised of two parts. The first one is the preparation of the software core necessary for FPGA. At this stage a digital design capable of carrying the interfaces on the board under test to the backplane board will be installed. In the second stage main software that can manage the entire procedure would be established.


A test station capable of carrying the devices necessary in this project was made. An Interface Test Adapter (ITA) was designed and produced to test the connections and functions of the devices in the test station. The Self-test interface connection panel contains the connections necessary for the sources to on the station to test each other. The Self-test software was in the NI TestStand format. 3 ITAs were designed for the 4 UUTS. These ITSs take on the duty of carrying the interfaces of the boards to the station interface. The FPGA and CPLD core software necessary for the boards were written in Xilinx ISE format. The umbrella software that will manage all the tests was developed in NI TestStand format.


A report containing the test for pins of all integrations for the 4 digital boards mentioned in the designed system can be presented detecting errors and monitoring the boards to the smallest detail. Where it is not possible to monitor the error is localized and that part is checked.

The base software which manages all the tests was developed in Teststand environment and the system was presented to our customers as a package.

Technical Content

  • RS422 fast communication interface test
  • PROM test
  • Flash memory test
  • SRAM Test
  • DAC Test
  • ADC Test and SINAD analysis
  • PLL test
  • FPGA test
  • CPLD Test
  • Optocoupler test
  • Solid State Relay test